Pre-configuration and support

Choosing hardware is just one part of the equation. Optimising it for friction-free installation is also essential. This can be handled for you by our experienced IT engineers. They are as personable as they are knowledgeable. So, you can be sure of a friendly, efficient service that puts your needs first.

Onsite technical support

Once installation is complete we provide a seamless handover to IT maintenance teams. If you want to outsource any aspect of this, we can work hand-in-glove with Commercial IT Services, our sister division. It offers strategic infrastructure management support, ranging from cybersecurity to disaster recovery and hybrid IT to managed services. We can also set-up end-user training and build direct links for users with manufacturer helpdesks.

End-to-end project management

When you’re facing multiple demands, and everything needs to happen now, it makes sense to hand hardware procurement over to a safe pair of hands. Commercial Technology can take on your project in its entirety when required.

Our optional extras make life easier. They free-up your IT staff to focus on more strategic matters, and avoid bottlenecks when equipment arrives onsite:

  • Pre-configuring kit
  • Asset tagging
  • Serial number registration

We can also offer stock bonding, keeping kit in our warehouses until you’re ready for it, if space is an issue for you.

Want to make life easier?

If you want a technology supplier offering more than just product, connect with us using the enquiry form.


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