We nurture a sense of purpose and responsibility across the entire Commercial family.

And workplace behaviours are often replicated at home, creating a sustainability ripple-effect. 

From Green Angels to Change Champions

Delivering transformational change

Our award-winning Green Angels programme set out to inspire and empower employees to act on the issues that matter to them. To date, over 100 staff have been involved in delivering projects through the programme.  Highlights include the creation of a living wall, a solar-powered bike shed and launching our Angel Days. The initiative has evolved organically from a driver of change to a leadership programme. It creates dynamic engagement and continual improvement, while participants develop skills and make personal achievements.

In 2018, we’re branching out. A 2017 Green Angels project persuaded the wider team that it was time to focus on broader social sustainability as well as green issues. So, Green Angels will be transforming into Change Champions. More to follow soon!

“I was so impressed by what I saw at Commercial…[it’s] an example of what can happen when an inspirational leader takes a team and does something extraordinary.”

Chris Rapley CBE, Climate Scientist

Angel Days

Since 2011, Commercial has allocated 30 business days per year for staff to volunteer with a community project of their choice without using their holiday entitlement.

From 2018, we've moved this up a gear, increasing the number of days available to one per employee per year.  

Charity Charter

Each year, staff nominate and then vote for a charity to support over the coming 12 months.  Each month we hold a charity draw that staff can join through a £2 salary pledge. Through 2017-2018 Commercial is supporting Cancer Research UK.

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