Online ordering

Ordering office supplies online eradicates the paper trail while enhancing the audit trail.

The process is easier, cheaper and greener. And it also provides visibility of every transaction to facilitate better MI reporting and expenditure control.

More than 93% of orders are placed via our bespoke e-commerce system. It has been purposefully designed to offer an intuitive, user friendly experience. We calibrate the system to meet your needs, and your dedicated account manager is on hand any time extra help is needed.

Key features

  • Quick ordering
  • Build and save orders to send when you’re ready
  • Clear pricing
  • Green categorisation
  • Proactive display of greener / cheaper alternatives
  • Multi-person logins
  • Cost centre and departmental ordering facilities
  • Various authorisation levels
  • Intelligent search facilities
  • Separate logins can be product specific

PunchOut capability

Our powerful e-commerce platform is EDI-compatible, so it can be seamlessly integrated with customers’ in-house procurement software.

Buyers ‘punchout’ from their own system to our online catalogue to build their order. Then, order details are sent back to the customer’s system for any authorisation or administrative purposes, such as PO allocation. It ensures every transaction is quick, hassle-free and compliant with customers’ in-house requirements surrounding products’ cost and sustainability profiles. And our ISO 27001 certification means you can be sure we a robust approach to information security. 

Just in time delivery

Onsite storage of office supplies can take up valuable space. Our ‘just in time’ delivery service enables you to only receive the items you need, when you need them.

Packaging & delivery

Reducing and reusing packaging wherever possible is a core part of our sustainability strategy. In some locations, we also provide goods in durable boxes which can be folded flat for discrete under-desk storage, and returned to us next time we make a delivery.

Low carbon deliveries

Commercial is at the forefront of innovation when it comes to low carbon deliveries.

Our hydrogen-fuelled vans have become a reference point for larger fleet operators outside the office supplies sector. We actively collaborate with organisations such as LoCity and Hydrogen London to keep driving progress in this space

White glove service

Out-of-hours and special deliveries can be catered for in some locations. Please contact the team for more information. 

Efficiency and sustainability

If you’re looking for more from your office supplies, give us a call on 01242 690006 or fill in our form.


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